Sivoia Triathlon
​ Automated Window Coverings 
The future is now for automated window coverings.  Remote controlled shades were once on a wish list that for most was unattainable. Now with the prices becoming more reasonable this wish is becoming attainable without breaking the bank. Each automated shade is tested thoroughly before delivery and comes with an eight year warranty giving you quality that is hard to beat. The shades are run off easy to replace D cell batteries, which have an average life of 3-5 years making this a hassle free luxury.  Cannon Electric offers two style of shades, honeycomb and roller.  Each of these offer different features with honeycomb giving you higher R value for insulating your home while roller shades keep the harsh sun rays out while still providing a view outside.  The best part is that ​Sivoia Triathlon shades may be operated by remote control or through the ​Lutron app, ​Caseta wireless or ​Radio ra2.  Integrating your shades with your lighting control gives you the added ability to create the optimal environment in your home for waking up, going to bed or even watching a movie. 


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